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Let JukeBoxOnLine.com work ethically for you. We have solutions to set the mood of your commerce. We'll give it its own sound, image and personality. Turn on your radio, animate your screens and increase your revenues. Awaken the spirit of your company with the most powerful private radio and video stations generator for businesses in Canada. An immense musical bank. Simple, intuitive and audacious management tools that will change the way you do business. No need to buy more equipment, you already have all you need. Simply manage your media with JukeBoxOnline.com.


More than 450 musical radios for your company.

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digital signage

Display your interactive menus or ads on your screens.

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More than 50 video channels to animate your TVs.

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You decide:

  • The most appropriate music and videos for your business
  • The number of ads and their frequency
  • Broadcasting schedules
  • To use your ads or those of your suppliers
  • In-house or remote control
  • To control one or more businesses simultaneously

the revolution in music streaming in canada

Our subscribers benefit from an integrated web-based tool to control their audio, visual, and video ads. No limit.

How does it work?

All our services are delivered in streaming mode on the Internet. Once connected to our Website, simply plug your computer to a music source (sound system) or video (TV) using an audio cable or HDMI cable. For dynamic display, use your smart televisions to connect to ONTV.PUB included with JukeboxOnline.com.

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